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Reboot Reality

Mind-bending virtual reality exhibit opens at Tech Museum, San Jose Mercury News, May 25, 2017​

Facebook, Adobe and Google target San Jose tech museum to speed up VR adoption, Silicon Valley Business Journal, May 25 2017​

Reboot Reality: VR and AR Mark Milestone With New Interactive Exhibit, Extreme Tech, May 26 2017

"This is a chance to give the public a taste of what VR can do", KCBS Radio, May 26 2017​

“Tech Museum's New VR Exhibits Inspire Empathy", The Metro, May 26 2017

Twitter Data Grant

The Happiness of Cities: Do Happy People Take Happy Images?, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology News Release, April 2014

Do happy people take happy photos?, The San Diego Union-Tribune, April 2014

Twitter’s data grants will be used to research food poisoning, cancer, happiness, GigaOM, April 2014

First Grants Awarded: Six Research Projects Receive Twitter “DataGrants”, INFOdocket, April 2014

These 6 research projects just got special access to our tweets, The Daily Dot, April 2014

Why Twitter Selfies Matter: They May Reveal Our Moods, Live Science, April 2014

Team Uses Twitter to Analyze Cities' Moods Video, GeoBeats News, April 2014

Selfiecity (selected)

Lev Manovich’s “Selfie City” Project by Emily Verba Fischer, NESHAN, The Iranian Graphic Design Magazine, Iran, Winter 2018

The Evolution of The Selfie: How Our Much-Mocked Photos Have Matured by Anna Hart, The Guardian, November 2017

Method without Methodology: Data and the Digital Humanities by Lindsay Caplan, E-Flux, April 2016

At arm's length: What selfies say about our society, DNA India, October 2015

The Selfie Mania is Incontrollable in This Country, Clapway, August 2015

Deconstructing the cloud. Responses to Big Data phenomena from social sciences, humanities and the arts by Sabine Niederer and Raymond Taudin Chabot, Big Data & Society, July 2015

The Old Answer to Humanity’s Newest Problem: Data by Lev Grossman, Time, June 2015

Este es el algoritmo con el que se analizan más de 100.000 selfies con fines teóricos,, May 2015

Beyond Selfish by Noel Dogulas, Eye Magazine, May 2015

Selfie and the City: A World-Wide, Large, and Ecologically Valid Database Reveals a Two-Pronged Side Bias in Naïve Self-Portraits by Nicola Bruno, Marco Bertamini, and Federica Protti, PLoS ONE, 10(4), e0124999, April 2015

15 Data Visualizations That Will Blow Your Mind, Udacity Blog, January 2015

The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2014, Flowing Data, December 2014

Best Projects in Data Visualization of 2014, Social Technologies Hothouse, December 2014

Top 100 Interactive visualizations of 2014: Projects that made this year one of the most inspiring in the data viz field, Visualoop, December 2014

Best of 2014: The Year in Selfies, The Creators Project, December 2014

The Best Data Visualizations Of 2014, Gizmodo, December 2014

Kantar Information is Beautiful 2014 Awards, November 2014

Selfie. Kommunikation mit Selbstportraits. Interview with Dominikus Baur, Zündfunk, May 2014

Selfies: Taking Photos of Yourself More Popular Than Ever, Voice of America, April 2014

The World’s First Searchable Selfie Database,, April 2014

At Face Value: Thailand's Selfie Obsession, Chiang Mai Citylife, April 2014

The politics of the selfie, Politico, March 2014

The Science of Selfies, New York Times Upfront (print only), March 2014

Analyzing the art of the selfie, New York Times International Edition (print only), March 2014

‘Selfie’: el culto al ‘yo’ que arrasa en las redes, El Tiempo, March 2014

Aus Moskau kommen die traurigsten Selfies, Die Welt, March 2014

The Science of Selfies: How Pictures Help Us Claim Our Identity, NBC News, March 2014

The average selfie-taker in NYC is 25 years old, and other fun selfie facts, Time Out New York, February 2014

The science of selfies is serious business -- and seriously revealing, Los Angeles Times, February 2014

The Science of Selfies: A Five-City Comparison, National Geographic, February 2014

Daily Planet TV show, Discovery Channel, February 2014

Who takes more selfies: Women or men?, CNN, February 2014

The Science Behind the Selfie, Wall Street Journal TV, February 2014

No. 1 in City links: the best of the web, The Guardian, February 2014

The surprising sociology of selfies, The Washington Post, February 2014

Fantastic Infographics, Drawn From A Study of Instagram Selfies, Wired, February 2014

In Bangkok lächeln sie immer, in Moskau selten, Der Spiegel, February 2014

Selbstportrait. Egobild. 自拍: how people 'selfie' around the world, The Guardian, February 2014 


A 24-Hour Crisis Map Built From Hurricane Sandy Photos. One of our 15 favorite recent data visualizations, Popular Science, November 2014

More Than 2.3 Million Instagram Photos are Arranged Beautifully in "The Aggregate Eye" Exhibition, Complex, November 2013

The Aggregate Eye at Amelie A. Wallace Gallery: October 29 – December 5, 2013, Musee Magazine, November 2013

Datenvisualisierung mit Phototrails, Page Online, August 2013

Bilderdienst: Instagram-Fotos offenbaren Lebensrhythmus der Großstädter, Spiegel Online, August 2013

Infographic: Using 2 Million Instagram Pics to Map a City’s Visual Signature, Wired, July 2013

San Francisco viewed through Instagram photos, The Guardian, July 2013

The Visual Signature of Your City inn Instagram photos, The Atlantic Cities (CityLab), July 2013

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake, and neither is your Instagram. What your Instagram uploads say about the city you live in, The Verge, July 2013

What Do Your Instagram Photos Say About Your City?, The Creators Project, July 2103

Phototrails. The Visual Structure of Millions of User-Generated Photos, Information Aesthetics, July 2013

Phototrails. Insights culturais e sociais a partir de fotos do Instagram, Braisntorm 9, July 2013

Instagram Cities visualiseert steden aan de hand van de populaire fotodienst, Numrush, July 2013

Your City’s Visual Signature on Instagram, Animal, July 2013

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