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Reboot Reality

"Reboot Reality" is a permanent exhibit space and R&D lab for creative collaborations between technology companies, researchers, and artists.



Current installations and digital creation tools:


Wave Atlas is an underwater world inhabited entirely by user-generated creatures. Use hand-tracked gestures or an HTC Vive controller to spawn new creatures, then watch them evolve, adapt and interact. 

Project by Marpi. With support from HTC and Leap Motion.

Resonance inspires you to reflect on the elemental connection between humans and water. When you move your hand over the sensor, that movement sends waves across the surface of the digital water, while every ripple creates music.

Project by Tish and KlingKlangKlong. With Support from FutureFires, Plantronics and Leap Motion. 

Paintings created in Wetbrush are 3D objects, created with a digital brush that mimics the real spreading of oil paint, mixing of colors and nature of paint as it dries. 

Project by Adobe and Nvidia. 

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